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Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets

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Quick Overview

  • Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties

  • Aids the health of the liver, joints, bones and upper respiratory tract

  • Helps cardiovascular health

  • Supports appetite and feelings of discomfort in the gut

  • Contributes to the increase in absorption of nutrients and control body weight

  • Stimulates toxin removal, cleaning the liver and blood circulation


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Turmeric and Black Pepper are cleverly formulated together in one tablet to achieve the benefits of both ingredients, mainly their anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.


Turmeric is extracted from the root of the Curcuma longa plant which grows in sub-tropical climates. The root is cut, dried and powdered for medicinal use which provides access to the active compound, Curcuma. Turmeric is traditionally used in therapeutic medicines to treat sores and heal wounds, particularly in Asia where it is known as the 'warming plant' due to its warming effect such as improving digestion and relieving gas. Today, Turmeric is best known for its antioxidant properties, aiding the health of the liver, joints, bones and upper respiratory tract. Turmeric also aids cardiovascular health by promoting normal blood flow. In addition, the root maintains appetite and settles feelings of discomfort within the gut.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is colloquially known as the 'king of spices' because it is found in the majority of kitchen cupboards. Black Pepper originates from the berries of the Piper nigrum plant. Although the peppercorns are black, the berries are initially green before they are left to shrivel and develop flavour. Black Pepper has historically had many uses, including cooking, medicine and even as a currency. Black Pepper is believed to aid digestion as the food stimulates our taste buds, alerting our stomach to the arrival of food. This causes an increased volume of gastric secretion which aids digestion. As a result, Black Pepper is well known for its ability to help increase the absorption of nutrients and control body weight. Furthermore, Black Pepper stimulates toxin removal, cleaning of the liver and blood circulation through fine blood vessels and capillaries.

Our Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets

Our Turmeric and Black Pepper tablets are sold in four quantities to suit both your nutritional needs and purchasing requirements. 

Please note- we advise you to contact your health professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, before use of this product. Certain medications may interact with Turmeric, including those for acid reflux and diabetes, and anti-coagulants. Turmeric supplements should not be taken alongside these medications. 

We recommend that both the 500 and 1,000 product options are more suitable for use by more than one person. This is to ensure that you are receiving full use of the product before its expiry date. For one person's use, we recommend the 120 or 240 tablet options.

Our Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets Contains

  • No added salt
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavours
  • No colours
  • No fish
  • No gluten
  • No lactose
  • No milk
  • No porcine
  • No preservatives
  • No soya
  • No sweeteners
  • No wheat
  • No yeast

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Customer Reviews for Turmeric and Black Pepper Tablets

  1. Smashing product.

    review by Helen Jones

    Excellent way to take turmeric, no mess and little taste. Using it to reduce inflammation and it definitely helps, have recommended it to friends and they are seeing the benefits too.

  2. Excellent value

    review by Mabs

    Great tablets. Excellent value and arrived in perfect condition. The only negative for me is the container. The bag is sturdy but it is a little awkward to open and get at the tablets. Minor criticism. I will be ordering again.

  3. Oxford beneficial products

    review by Jackie Shillingford

    I believe that turmeric has improved my digestion and skin. I continue to take it as I believe it has preventive qualities, as used in Ayuvedic medicine. The small tablets with black pepper to aid ingestion , are easy to take if one is not using turmeric regularly in cooking.

  4. Four Stars

    review by Dennis

    up to now very interesing,will try it a bit longer.

  5. Turmeric &Black Pepper tablets.

    review by Jude S.

    Excellent value for money, very quick delivery. Will definitely be my product of choice.

  6. Cheapest of all retailers I tried.

    review by Henrietta K.

    Can't really notice much difference but only take 2 per day as the recommended dose (2- 6) would work out very expensive. Fast delivery.

  7. Excellent anti-inflammatory. One of the best turmeric/curcumin with peperine ...

    review by L. Martin

    Excellent anti-inflammatory.
    One of the best turmeric/curcumin with peperine supplements I have used and I have tried lots.

  8. Excellent service and high quality product

    review by IC

    Excellent service from this supplier with high quality product recommended to me by a friend. The fact that my hubby through a hissy when we were running out is as good an indication that they are working! Seriously he takes 4-6 and I take 2-4 per day and we are in no doubt now after taking for 3 weeks that our old tired joints are much the better for these!!

  9. Five Stars

    review by Mrs D Masters

    Excellent value for money . Too early to say if they make a difference but high percentage of turmeric in them.

  10. Great!

    review by Aidiesmith

    Good quality items as always from Oxford Vitality. Great packaging and pharmaceutical grade products.

  11. Five Stars

    review by Book-Clubber

    Good product. As described.

  12. Nature's pain relief (with a little help from Indian cookery)

    review by Mister Heap

    I use these whenever I experience back and shoulder pain, much better than taking OTC medicines or strong pain killers - great price and swift delivery, will be buying them again

  13. Simply fantastic

    review by Magical

    My mobility has changed immensely after taking these tablets. Excellent service as well.

  14. I love this range

    review by Mrs Victoria Leith van Heyningen

    Comes through the letterbox and always promptly delivered. These particular tablets are very small and smelll quite peppery so if you aren't keen on the smell you may find that offputting. The tablets themselves are hard and not crumbly

  15. They work for me

    review by bazza

    I have referred knee pain from a back injury. I've been taking these little pills for 3 months now. The pain is greatly reduced and as a bonus I'm waking without my normal morning stiffness. So much better than taking medication.

  16. Very happy

    review by DAVID

    Very happy with efficient service. Love the slim packaging and small easy to swallow tablets. We decant them into small bottle. Trying turmeric for arthritis and this seems good amount.

  17. Quick delivery and an efficacious supplement.

    review by David Grayland

    Delivery was super quick, The tablets are small and I have taken four a day for the last eight days. Early to say, but I think I feel improvement in lack of soreness and stiffness in joints and tissues after exercise. This is important for me as an arthritis sufferer.

  18. So far all the turmerics I have used takes longer ...

    review by S Padouano

    So far all the turmerics I have used takes longer to take effect,After a week I coul tell a difference. Will be ordering again.
    Many thanks.

  19. Five Stars

    review by Mr, Patrick,

    Totally satisfactory

  20. Five Stars

    review by deb

    Arrived early easy to swallow only taken them for a week so early days

  21. Five Stars

    review by karenpw

    Excellent quality product very happy

  22. Excellent Product..worked for me

    review by Rits

    Excellent product. I have now been taking this for mild arthritis. Didn't want to review too early as that would not be correct. I have been taking this for more than one month now but at a slightly higher dosage than recommended I take 5 tablets per day. I have noticed a great deal of difference in the discomfort and also in just feeling better in myself. My wife has just started taking it also as a general supplement. I run 10km at least 5 times a week and was suffering from slight arthritis in my toes..this has now gone and able to continue. I would strongly recommend this to others that are looking from some relief. But don't expect an overnight result or a miracle cure, persevere with it and see how it works for you, it worked for me and will continue to use at considering it is cost effective, easy to take, plus getting both the Tumeric and Black Pepper in the one dose.

  23. Excellent

    review by Brigitte Reters

    The tumeric arrived very quickl as the compara promissed in their emails. As I have just received it I cannot say anything about the product yet. But I chose it because of its strengenth of 1.400mg as most of the tumeric is only 400 mg

  24. Good product

    review by Mrs H

    Purchased these to help with occasional knee pain and digestion. Early days but feel they have helped my stomach, knee still aches a bit but hoping this will improve with time. Quick delivery and tiny tablets.

  25. Great product!

    review by Lucas T.

    It is a great product, helped me a lot with my tendinits on my shouders. I recommend a lot this product and the use of tumeric on your daily diet

  26. Excellent value for money and very prompt delivery

    review by Jules

    A supplement I now wouldn't be without.
    Excellent value for money and very prompt delivery.

  27. Would recommend

    review by F M Nicholls

    Product arrived quickly, tablets are so small and erefore easy to take and are helping to reduce the pain from osteoarthritis.

  28. Small easy to swallow tablets & I like the unfussy packaging

    review by Dachsy lady

    I bought this supplement after reading about the benefits of turmeric. Purely by chance, I heard an article on the radio a few days before I ordered explaining that turmeric is not absorbed by the body without the addition of black pepper. You supplement sounded ideal. Small easy to swallow tablets & I like the unfussy packaging. I don't remember your website explaining about black pepper but it would be good to explain why your supplement contains both. Thank you

  29. Great discovery

    review by liz stokes

    I have just discovered Oxford Vitality and have been very pleased with both their products, value and prompt service. Thanks to 5htp I'm now getting much better sleep after months, and their tumeric and black pepper is relieving my arthritic pain. Will certainly use again

  30. Many health benefits in a small pill.

    review by alex fleming

    Great way to have the benefits of Turmeric in a little pill. I used to have powdered turmeric spice but find it too much.

  31. Misleading instructions

    review by Duffy

    Not sure what the correct dosage is. Pack says 1 a day, website says 120 tablets is 14 days supply.

  32. Five Stars

    review by Anne McCarthy

    Your Turmeric & Pepper is amasing and shows excellent results. I will continue to buy this product.

  33. Five Stars

    review by wieslawa

    I happy to receive this product because it's small size of tables and easy to use.

  34. small and easy to swallow tablets

    review by Mrs. J. Charles

    the latest health benefits, small and easy to swallow tablets , best to take with water

  35. Five Stars

    review by Pola

    Good quality

  36. Five Stars

    review by Andrea Doucha

    Very satisfied with the product. Order regularly.

  37. Hoping it works...

    review by Jessebaby

    I received my order very promptly but as it takes a while for turmeric to take an effect I cannot comment on its efficacy just yet. I have researched this product and am convinced it is very effective, as is the purity. I am impressed with this supplier so far.

  38. I am a complementary therapist and I have recommended Turmeric and black pepper to a few of my ...

    review by Deborah barsby

    I am a complementary therapist and I have recommended Turmeric and black pepper to a few of my clients with aches and pains and the results have been encouraging so far

  39. Five Stars

    review by david

    great stuff no more painkillers i take morning and night.

  40. ... from sitting and walking for distance I would definatlly recommend anyone to take them

    review by swoodburn

    I have been taking the tumirnic and black pepper for 4 weeks now and I take 2 morning and night and I can definitely feel a difference getting up from sitting and walking for distance I would definatlly recommend anyone to take them .beneficial for arthritis

  41. Good service.

    review by Golf Dave

    Arrived within 48 hrs. Tablets as advertised. Hoping they do the trick, have done previously.

  42. Will definitely re-order

    review by margaretkrieger

    Excellent products at excellent prices. Handy pouches that pop through the letterbox. Very happy customer.

  43. Tiny tablets, big benefits

    review by Edelweiss Arnold

    I love the tiny size of these tablets, even though they still pack a punch. Turmeric helps me with joint and back pain and this product is the best I have found to date. The company also has excellent customer service and deliver very quickly.

  44. Five Stars

    review by Karen Evans

    Excellent delivery time. Tablets are easy to swallow. To early yet to say if they are working.

  45. Tablets are very small and easy to swallow

    review by Daniela Radu

    Very quick delivery. Tablets are very small and easy to swallow.

  46. Very happy!

    review by SB Taylor-Doe

    Prompt delivery. They are tiny, so great if you don't like swallowing tablets. Purchased for my husband who plays football and golf and often struggles with joint pain after either activity (he is in his fifties!). Early days but so far so good: he said the pain has eased since taking these tablets.

  47. New

    review by matt

    After much debate, I decided to purchase this product & after a week or so can now start to feel better. Less Inflammation & just feeling less bloated

  48. It really works

    review by m dungey

    Was sceptic about using it but it really works. Both my husband and I take turmeric every day and we can most definitely feel our joints are pain free. My husband says that in his case it was instant relief and he was able to lift and cart things without pain.

  49. I know turmeric works for my back pain and these tablets seem very good value. Will purchase again

    review by Christopher Cooper

    small tablets as compared to some brands of turmeric I have tried. They are simply packed which must help keep the cost down. I know turmeric works for my back pain and these tablets seem very good value. Will purchase again.

  50. Four Stars

    review by BILL

    very good would buy again good service

  51. ... vitality very quick delivery and I am more than satisfied with the product shall order more of the same ...

    review by Ian Cragg

    Received the turmeric and black pepper from Oxford vitality very quick delivery and I am more than satisfied with the product shall order more of the same in the future

  52. Just what I need!

    review by Caroline H

    These are neatly packaged! I hate the bottles that take up so much room in my box so these envelopes inside right in so neatly and are easy to open and seal close again! These tablets are small and easy to swallow. I order whatever regular supplements I need from Oxford Vitality, providing that they stock them of course and they have never once let me down.

  53. Quality product

    review by MR P.

    Decent price for a quality product which have already helped to settle my stomach!

  54. Five stars!

    review by adversecamber

    Speedy Delivery, Good price, good product being used as an anti inflammatory for knee pain.

  55. Excellent company

    review by Wendy Clarke

    Brilliant service as usual. Good prices and quality. Thank you

  56. Good so far!

    review by Messymare

    Service and follow up from the company have been great. I like the fact that the packaging is simple to keep the costs down - they are the same spec tablets as many dearer ones. Since I have only just started taking the tablets it's too sonn to say how well they work, but they are small and easy to take.

  57. The pills are small easy to take

    review by pat scally

    The pills are small easy to take. They arrived on time. I think it is a bit to early to say if they make any difference to my health and swelling in my hands because I've had injections prior to starting taking the pills but I will be buying more when these run out.

  58. Repeat order

    review by Mrs R.

    This is not our first order from this company, their products are always excellent and effective.

  59. 100%

    review by Jacqueline mecherio

    Extremely fast sevice priced well looking forward to results.

  60. Great results

    review by Alison Foulkes

    I have been taking these tablets daily for approx one year. I previously took glucosamine but have found the turmeric to be even better. I have much less pain now and hardly any clicking of joints!

  61. Prompt delivery, cute packaging, great product!

    review by Miss J. Marcinkeviciute

    great product!

  62. My daughter who suffers from back pain has just tried them and thinks they are great 3 days and pain has

    review by best game ever

    I have been taking turmeric for some time now but tablets make it easier. My daughter who suffers from back pain has just tried them and thinks they are great 3 days and pain has gone

  63. So far so good!

    review by Mrs Jacqueline A Wilson

    Arrived quickly and so far so good. I think they may be helping, taste rather unpleasant but the hat is understandable! Let's hope the improvement continues.

  64. Aches be gone!

    review by Handserai

    Definitely making a difference. Aching joints are easing and I am much more mobile in my hands.

  65. Five Stars

    review by Mags

    Great value

  66. Worth a try !!

    review by Mrs Tina Hammond

    I have taken one a day for a couple of months primarily for arthritis and was not convinced that it was doing anything but, having read another review, I increased to 2 a day and now feel that they are helping.
    As an added bonus I also think they really help with digestion.

  67. Happy to review

    review by ms evelyn edge

    These tablets are very good for rheumatoid arthritis, especially for inflammation. The price of them are very good value for money,I will definitely be buying them from oxford vitality again!

  68. Satisfied xxxx

    review by berenice rodgers

    I'm very happy with product it does what it says very satisfied with it recommended to a few friends as well that suffers from aches and pains and indigestion problems the tablets nice and tiny easy to swallow will I recommend it to other off course delivery service spot on as well

  69. These worked for us.

    review by Darren Attwood

    These are great if you suffer aches and pains one a day seems to help ease them. Fast delivery and good product.

  70. Delighted

    review by bright b

    I started my tablets recently. I have osteoarthritis and I find my pain has eased and also my mobility has improved. Didn't want to go down the road of prescribed painkillers as I already tried them without success. Also want to add that my skin is also much softer and smoother. Excellent product. Give it a try. Would definitely purchase again from this seller.

  71. Seems ok, but not feeling any benefit yet.

    review by A. L. Meredith

    Seems ok, not feeling any benefit yet though.

  72. great product

    review by mal T

    Fast service, product is of high quality,will definitely be ordering again

  73. I use these to help with the pain/inflammation of arthritis ...

    review by Caliann

    I use these to help with the pain/inflammation of arthritis and Crohns disease. I wish I had known about them years ago

  74. Hazel

    review by Hazel Cullen

    I don't have much to say as I've only started using them maybe after a month, i' m hoping I feel better

  75. Excellent

    review by Sheenah M.Wallis

    Excellent Product - small and easy to swallow. You can smell the pepper in it.

  76. Cannot fault delivery. I got item well within estimated ...

    review by grace

    Cannot fault delivery. I got item well within estimated delivery time. Pills are very tiny and Ì haven't been taking them long enough to judge their effectiveness.

  77. Turmeric

    review by Tara King

    Great thanks arrived very promptly in a handy post box size bag

  78. Excellent Service

    review by gran

    Arrived within 2 days. Have only tested them for 2 weeks but already seen an improvement in a frozen shoulder.

  79. Four Stars

    review by Mohamed D.

    Turmeric & Black Pepper Tablets | 1,400mg 90% Curcumin | Digestion and Inflammation | Oxford Vitality ®It is a very useful treatment for joints pain

  80. Four Stars

    review by Derek Jones

    To early to tell if working

  81. No improvements yet

    review by pete

    Hi no problems so far. Have been using for a week but haven't seen any improvements in my pain yet! Still early days.

  82. Five Stars

    review by Mrs. D.A.Tomlinson

    All that it says it is.
    Early days for any medical relief.

  83. Fully happy and confident in this product

    review by Kindle Customer

    Very good. Open the packet and the smell of turmeric hits you. Great confidence in this company and will be purchasing again, as well as some of their other products.

  84. Great little tablets

    review by nick

    These very small pellets are really easy to take and whether placebo or not seem to make a difference for me. Competitive price too. Thanks

  85. Brilliant and effective tablets

    review by Basil

    I have been using these tablets for a couple of years now, and especially me and my partner have definitely seen an improvement in the movements in our joints and feel better. I have infact got some for my friends and family and all have felt the benefit of these tablets, it is a known fact that turmeric is very good for you and a friend of mine who is a paramedic recommended them to me and I have never looked back, give them a try. Also the tablets came fast and was well packed

  86. Three Stars

    review by paul rawlings

    hi there, too soon to given an opinion will tryulpa later yours truly

  87. Give these a try

    review by Jackie Hale

    Excellent value and super speedy delivery. I haven't noticed much improvement with the arthritis pain as yet but have only been taking the tablets for a week so didn't expect to feel any noticeable benefit for a few weeks. I have however noticed a big difference in my mood, I feel much calmer and happier, so I'm very satisfied. I'm taking 2 tablets with 1000mg of cod liver oil.

  88. Next Day delivery - fantastic!

    review by Glyn

    very, very good service. I ordered one day, it was delivered next day! Gdod product, excellent price and service. Thank you.

  89. Top quality product

    review by Joe

    I have been using this product over a year and love it. It changed my life. Quality and trusted seller.
    I keep coming back for more.

  90. Great service, great product.

    review by clot

    Delivery prompt, product as expected, very satisfied.

  91. Little Wonder Pills!

    review by Katrina Robin

    I think this is a wonderful product. I had spinal fusion surgery 10 months ago and have been struggling with the post-op aches and pains as well as the ordinary ones since! I honestly think these little easy to take tablets, as well as a magnesium supplement, are helping me. I'm very impressed by the customer service and communications from Oxford Vitality too and will be a returning customer and an advocate for this product

  92. Truthful answer!

    review by Roy

    I've been asked by the company to give an honest product review well:- I would assume that unless these tablets have a magic ingredient, I'm not going to know one way or another of their effectiveness within the ten days of me using them!

  93. Five Stars

    review by steven l earley

    Nice small tablets easy to swallow

  94. Five Stars

    review by Dennis E

    great item

  95. Five Stars

    review by Mr M C Herridge

    Great product, fast delivery
    Thank you

  96. ... reducing inflammation and these tiny tablets make it very easy to ensure I take a regular dose

    review by Lauren

    I am a big fan of turmeric for reducing inflammation and these tiny tablets make it very easy to ensure I take a regular dose. Very happy with my purchase and will buy again.

  97. The order arrived on-time and I have used for only ...

    review by Edwin Thomas

    The order arrived on-time and I have used for only a week for period pains. It has been somehow helpful in reducing the inflammation.

  98. Good size for taking on holiday,takes up very little room in my case compared with similar product

    review by David Corke

    Very fast delivery,well packaged.

  99. Good deal

    review by Dolores

    Great deal. That's all I can say at present as I've only just started to take these & after a couple of weeks I'd be able to write more if it does/doesn't help ease the pains I have & it aids it as other turmeric meds have done

  100. Five Stars

    review by Beverly Short

    Good value

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