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Oxford Vitality is based in Oxfordshire, UK. We are an established health company dedicated to providing good quality dietary supplements at reasonable prices. We believe in offering customers a quality product without false claims and fancy packaging.

Customer service, support and satisfaction are also really important to us. Please buy in confidence and contact us with any enquiry you may have, we are always more than happy to try to assist you.

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Going Green, The Cultivation of Green Tea

With an array of health and vitality products tugging at our salubrious seeking taste buds and mindful good sentiments, Green tea is the well established, long-standing hero; the quietly confident contender that has a lot to shout about.

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The Mystery of Vitamin K and its MKs

Vitamin K is one of the few outcast Vitamins, that really aren’t vitamins at all! There are a number of Vitamin Ks to be explored each providing beneficial health properties to the body. Fat soluble Vitamin K was named as such by Danish Scientist Henrik Dam.

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Optimal Nutrition for Down’s Syndrome

The incidence of the disorder Down’s syndrome is every 1 in every 1000 people in the UK. A staggering 2 UK babies are born everyday with Down’s Syndrome, but what is it [1] and how does it change the course of their life?

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Lifting the Lid on Fad Diets: The Juice Cleanse.

It’s hard when someone says ‘healthy’ not to think of just fruits and vegetables. Many of us make the mistake of ‘dieting’ exclusively on salads and fruit snacks, when this does not represent a balanced and sustainable diet. Inevitably from this the juice cleanse was born.

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