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Oxford Vitality - Your Health Is Our Science

At Oxford Vitality, you and your health are our top priorities. That’s why we take the finest ingredients sourced from around the world and use them to produce world class vitamins, minerals and herbal health supplements.

In an industry that can be easily confusing; misinformation and misleading products really upset us. You have our promise that we’ll never sell you a product that’s not in your best interest, well researched and based on good science.

Health Supplement Information Just For You

We are so dedicated to providing honest and accurate information that we provide two great resources for you to use whenever you have questions.

The first is our articles section. We release 2 daily articles adding to our growing library of over 400 articles, it’s a fantastic pool of knowledge. We’ve also installed an intuitive search function that will help you easily find what you’re looking for.

The second resource is our team. Have a question? Why not send us an email or give us a call. You will be able to speak directly to one of our qualified in-house nutritionists and get answers to your problem questions.

Recent Articles

Menopausal Symptoms

As a woman, you pass through tough stages in life such as adolescence and menopause. Among the phases, menopause has a dreaded experience that every woman if asked would want to skip. You might think childbirth could be the worst but the experience of birth last only for hours.

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What's the Buzz About Antioxidants?

The popularity of the word “Antioxidant” has sky-rocketed in recent years due to prominent studies in the health world. Its claims, (rightly or wrongly) extend from helping prevent cancer, to aiding simple toothache. It’s clear how its significance in health has helped it develop into a highly acclaimed buzzword in the market today.

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The Ginseng Series - Cognitive Performance

Numerous studies have shown that ginseng has a positive effect on cognitive performance, ranging from increased working memory to enhanced mental calmness. However, the mechanics of this are unclear, with many proposed explanations of how it could improve cognitive performance.

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The Ginseng Series - The Everyday Fuel

Ginseng is a plant native to Asian countries. The plant lives in shaded areas taking nutrients from dead leaves and vegetation, from which it absorbs the nitrogen as a source of energy to grow. The part of plant harvested for health benefits are the roots which contain the active ingredient ginsenoside.

The use of this root to aid general health has been documented in Asia for over 2000 years and is believed to be able to cure every ailment [1].

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How We Make The Best Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts

Every product we create starts with our nutrition team. We have 3 in-house nutritionists working on developing industry leading supplements just for you. We only sell products that pass our strict internal guidelines.

Once our product development department has found a health food they think will be of benefit to you, our team of specialists responsible for sourcing the best ingredients take over. 

We have over 35 suppliers from 5 continents to ensure that we only use the optimum supply for all of our health supplements. It does not matter if it’s a vitamin, mineral, vegetable or herbal extract, we will search for the best suppliers that live up to our highest standards.

Once we’ve found a supplier that surpass our expectations, we test them. Everyone of your products gets third party tested to make sure that we continue our promise of the highest quality ingredients.

Next, our production team processes these top spec dietary supplements into industry leading finished products. This all takes place in the heart of Oxfordshire in our custom built facility. 

Certified Supplements

We want to be able to show you how seriously we take you health and your safety. That’s why we went out to find the toughest standards to see how we stacked up. In 2017 we are proud to say that we found them and passed, Oxford Vitality now has a certified ISO 22000 production facility that is audited by SGS on a regular basis.

On top of this we currently hold two other awards that we are very proud of. We have been given an Ethical Company Award by The Ethical Company Organisation and Certified Organic status by the Organic Food Federation.

The Best Thing About OV Is You

We have the best community of customers and we want to keep providing honest and open information to allow them to reach their goals and get to the levels of health that they desire and deserve. So why not connect with us?

We are on all of the social sites, including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Or sign up for our weekly emails and we’ll send you one email per week packed full of helpful information to get you where you want to be.

Finally, if you have any questions at all please do get in contact.