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Turmeric Tablets

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Quick Overview

  • Helps support the digestive system

  • Aids the stimulation and maintains feelings of hunger when appetite is low

  • Can provide health benefits to the liver, joints, bones, and upper respiratory tract


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Origins of Turmeric

Turmeric is a golden, strongly flavoured spice. The Turmeric we know is the root of the Curcuma longa plant which belongs to the same family as Ginger, hence its similarity in shape and colour. The Curcuma longa plant grows very low to the ground at maximum heights of 3m, with a rhizomatous root below the ground and flowers growing off the stem above the soil. To obtain the curcumin, the active compound within Turmeric, the root of the plant is cut, dried and powdered. Turmeric is commonly used in India, particularly at rituals and other ceremonial occasions for its vibrant colour. The root is traditionally used for cooking and to treat several ailments, such as sores, skin diseases and wounds.

Benefits of Turmeric

The primary function of Turmeric is its role within the digestive system. The root stimulates and maintains feelings of hunger when appetite is low, such as when the stomach is unsettled. Turmeric prompts the secretion of digestive fluids which aid the return of feelings of hunger. It is also suggested that Turmeric provides health benefits to the liver, joints, bones and upper respiratory tract.

Our Turmeric tablets

Our Turmeric tablets are provided in a 6mm size which is very easy to swallow. We offer 4 quantities to suit your nutritional needs.

Please note- we advise you to contact your health professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, before use of this product. Certain medications may interact with Turmeric, including those for acid reflux and diabetes, and anti-coagulants. Turmeric supplements should not be taken alongside these medications.

We recommend that both the 500 and 1,000 tablet options are more suitable for use by more than one person. This is to ensure that you are receiving full use of the product before its expiry date. For one person's use, we recommend the 120 or 240 tablet options.

Our Turmeric Tablets Contains

  • No added salt
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavours
  • No colours
  • No fish
  • No gluten
  • No lactose
  • No milk
  • No porcine
  • No preservatives
  • No soya
  • No sweeteners
  • No wheat
  • No yeast

Customer Reviews for Turmeric Tablets

  1. does the job

    review by andy manson

    great product - so far so good - keeping my arthritis in my thumbs at bay

  2. time will tell. so far so good.

    review by wigget

    I have been taking them 2 weeks, I think my knees are improving, I have stopped taking ibuprofen, so will see.

  3. Excellent !

    review by Robynpeter

    Bought these because I wanted a tablet and not a capsule. I have difficulty swallowing capsules. These are perfect. Really small and compact.
    Delivery was very quick. Full marks for that. Plus, which I love...not fancy OTT packaging. These are packaged in very secure pouches,,not loads of fancy wadding / paper.
    I have put up a pic of several tablets on a teaspoon. This will give you an idea of the size,
    Once I get near the end of this supply I shall be ordering again..that in itself is high praise.

  4. Excellent

    review by bright b

    If I could give 10 stars I would. First class service. Excellent product. I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Really helped pain and movement (skin feels great too!)

  5. Five Stars

    review by Regina Kalinowska

    I am happy with them

  6. Five Stars

    review by Derek

    A good fit for purpose product.

  7. Five Stars

    review by sarah


  8. Great service

    review by D. M. Thomas

    Excellent service thanks. Too early to tell if the tablets are working though!

  9. Great service dispatched really quickly and just what I wanted

    review by SandieO

    Great service dispatched really quickly and just what I wanted! very helpful company after the sale too!
    10 out of 10 highly recommended

  10. Five Stars

    review by Jane Austin

    have had no problems every thing okay

  11. Five Stars

    review by Ron Stevenson

    all good

  12. Five Stars

    review by K. Lloyd

    Beautiful, clean packaging and great product

  13. Four Stars

    review by marie mc menamin

    Very pleased with this product and the service provided

  14. Turmeric Tablets gave back our memory.

    review by Trudi A.

    Excellent service. Fast and efficient. I advised my mother to purchase the turmeric tablets and like me, I can say we both notice a difference in our memory. It is a lot quicker and we can recall a lot more things. We both enjoy a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The turmeric tablets gave back our edge to our memories.

  15. Five Stars

    review by CW

    Great item!!

  16. starsNo frills

    review by Mummy Mabel

    Value for money and arrived swiftly.

  17. Five Stars

    review by john mcnamara

    excellent product & Price looking forward to benefits.

  18. Packs a punch

    review by Aidiesmith

    Extra Small tablets easy to swallow that offer three times the amount of tumeric I was using in capsule form. Good quality packaging. Great product


    review by Mohamed D.

    I feel better after using it

  20. Would recommend

    review by Paul Minichiello

    Sceptical at first, but nagged by the wife to try them (she had read something about it in an article in her magazine, etc. blah, blah).
    However 3 in now and unbelievably the RSI/Tennis Elbow pain (which can be quite intense at times) caused by work has nearly gone. Stopped using pain killers/gels and strapping all together.
    Have to admit it this stuff appears to actually work.
    On top of that the company delivered extremely quickly.
    Would recommend

  21. Turmeric for Arthritic Dogs

    review by D. Mcclo

    Works well I use it for my dog who has Arthritis? Seems to help the inflammation!

  22. Will be back !

    review by Mr KG Thompson

    Really fast delivery, good product, delighted !

  23. Effective relief for swollen joints

    review by Angel

    I bought these for a friend who has very painful knees. Since starting to take them, the swollen knees have improved and movement is easier with a slight lessening of pain. Very pleased.

  24. Well recommended

    review by GL WHITE

    Would definitely recommend if you suffer from arthritis and also these tablets are much easier to swallow than the large capsules sold elsewhere.

  25. Wow excellent.

    review by Brute

    Excellent value for money. Delivery exceedingly quick. Could not ask for more. This is where I'm getting my vitamins from now on.

  26. I will need time to find out but I am happy so far

    review by len fisher

    I have been taking it for a few days now but I can't tell if it is working. I will need time to find out but I am happy so far. Thanks len

  27. Five Stars

    review by ray fowles

    great value, too early to tell if it works.

  28. Arrived promptly and really like the consistency of the tablets

    review by P. I. Pitt

    Arrived promptly and really like the consistency of the tablets. They're not coated in anything, just pure and pressed , if that makes sense!

  29. Five Stars

    review by Linda Gray


  30. Turmeric tablets

    review by sadtranz

    Very cheap way to get turmeric down my wife who does not like it sprinkled on food

  31. Arrived in perfect condition. I'm taking it for health reasons


    Arrived in perfect condition.
    I'm taking it for health reasons, and so far so good.
    The only side effect I feel, which is good for me, is that it helps me sleep if I take it at night.

  32. first class quality and service

    review by LizanD

    Just started these as well - I am more than happy with quality and service. Have been taking these a while now and definitely happy with them. I think a lot of people would find these useful as they are small tablets and easy to take. Will definitely be buying these again.

  33. good quality, and prompt service

    review by Spireite

    Competitive price, good quality, and prompt service.

  34. Five Stars

    review by Maz

    Great for pain. I have M.S. and not much works for me but these and the ginger are very good. Thanks

  35. Well packaged Product. First time using this particular product ...

    review by Tonis

    Oxford Vitality - Turmeric 1,400mg Extra Strength 90% Curcumin Tablets for Digestive Health Well packaged Product. First time using this particular product. My understanding is it contains a 1,000mg more Turmeric than other Turmeric products of similar value.

  36. Turmeric Tablets

    review by Mrs. M. C. Hughes

    Up to now,I have found this product to be very good.
    The inflammation levels in my blood has dropped,and my blood tests are less frequent.Good news all round.
    I have recommended this product to my friends.
    Thank you

  37. Has good health reviews

    review by Susie Aberdeen

    Hopefully will help with cholestrol

  38. Three Stars

    review by Paul C.

    Have felt no effect so far

  39. Five Stars

    review by stephanie fuller

    great product

  40. Tumeric 1,400 mg

    review by Ingeborg C Daoud

    I am using it all the time! I stopped taking Ibuprofen completely - it's only Tumeric for me now since several months!

  41. Four Stars

    review by Jinksie

    Don't know how they work yet

  42. Excellent product

    review by Basil

    Brilliant product definitely helps with my aching joints and seems to be working really well have recommended this to all my friends and it seems to work for them as well, good value for money, and fast service

  43. Five Stars

    review by 1955


  44. Now pain free

    review by Mollie Blower

    Very good indeed

  45. Five Stars

    review by Carol Wallwork

    Both of us are trying this out and both of us are finding an improvement in our joints so we bought more. This is a result for us!!. Thanks and regards.

  46. Four Stars

    review by Shadbolt Denis Martin

    Arrived in good time and product as described

  47. Betty S

    review by elizabeth sutherland

    Been using them now for about a month can't say I notice any difference but will carry on, small amount of the tablets were crushed to powder when I received them, hence the two star

  48. Five Stars

    review by raymond meaden

    good value seems to help my joints

  49. Five Stars

    review by karen G.

    Very good price

  50. No probs

    review by Sue Horswill

    Happy with this product.

  51. Competitively priced against other suppliers

    review by Wiltshire

    Competitively priced against other suppliers:

    Holland and Barrett - 100 x 400mg @ £!4
    Health Span - 60 x 500mg @ £15

    Well packaged and arrived quickly.

    Not much else to be said about Turmeric apart from that I have just found that taking it with Black pepper increases absorption by 2000% and that it's active ingredient has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and may prevent certain types of Cancer. Although this has yet to be clinically proven, a bit like Milk Thistle.

  52. Excellent.

    review by Rockinron100

    This is the second purchase I have made from Oxford Vitality of this product and I have to say it is excellent.

  53. I've been using them to relieve psoriatic arthritis - at first their action was at least equal to any of the DMARDS prescribed a

    review by PB

    Presented in small tablet form greatly facilitating administration of larger doses, which can be an issue with the powdered spice. Concentrating 1400mg into each tablet is achieved by using an extract of the turmeric spice - this is done with ethyl acetate which should selectively concentrate the curcumin in the tablets. I've been using them to relieve psoriatic arthritis - at first their action was at least equal to any of the DMARDS prescribed and probably better, but this seems to be dwindling a bit now 12 months later although the same can happen with DMARDS. I started with 1 tablet morning and night and now take 5 at each time. Certainly worth a try if you're an inflammatory arthritis sufferer, although check with your clinician before using them alongside other drugs for arthritis.

  54. Recommended

    review by verydeb

    Very economical and practical way of taking this beneficial spice.

  55. Great product and service

    review by Paul

    Great product, neat packaging.

  56. these are the best

    review by Mr. A. Algamri

    well recommended after trials - I have been trying different turmeric tabs and these are the best

  57. Three Stars

    review by Sukhi

    Easy to swallow small tablets, taking for joint pain and inflammation

  58. Five Stars

    review by jayden h

    Seems to be working well

  59. Very good for the money and they have started to work ...

    review by Daniel Crone

    Very good for the money and they have started to work on my mum and dad will defo be buying more of these

  60. Five Stars

    review by GEE

    Trying this out so far so good

  61. Three Stars

    review by Carl Bolding


  62. Five Stars

    review by Steve

    Spot on for muscle recovery

  63. Good

    review by Ms A

    Good price although there are more potent products available

  64. Good value product and affective

    review by G R OSULLIVAN

    Good value product that is also effective at reducing aches in joints.

  65. I would recommend this product/company to anyone

    review by karl

    It was very inexpensive but seems to do the job. I would recommend this product/company to anyone.


    review by catwoman

    Tiny turmeric pills which are so easy to take!! They come in a card envelope which conveniently fits easily through the letterbox and arrived in very good time.. Extremely happy to recommend this item and its seller.

  67. Five Stars

    review by Nigel Russell

    Size of tablets leave me a little uneasy

  68. Four Stars

    review by Gill Pugh

    Really good and so easy to take !

  69. Small and easy to swallow

    review by Mrs. Vivienne Tuffnell

    Product arrived promptly, neat little packets. For those who sometimes struggle with swallowing tablets, these are very small and easy to swallow. I'm taking turmeric for fibromyalgia-type pain and it seems to have reduced the amount of pain by quite a bit.

  70. Five Stars

    review by melvyn goulston

    very good value

  71. Always a good supplier

    review by Ms. D. A. Fairburn

    Excellent value quick delivery

  72. Three Stars

    review by Ludmila


  73. Not certain if they work

    review by LM

    Quality good but not certain if they work.

  74. Five Stars

    review by zipco

    good stuff.

  75. Five Stars

    review by david smith

    very good

  76. Five Stars

    review by redrocket

    Very small tablets so easy to swallow.

  77. Value

    review by Sarah Taylor

    Excellent value for money, better than Holland and Barretts.

  78. Worth a try

    review by Sally J Rubringer

    Excellent value,not been taking them long enough to see how hey work long term

  79. Five Stars

    review by terrence s charlwood

    Really excellent all round

  80. Five Stars

    review by stevie

    perfect many thanks. S,Duff.

  81. Certainly no bad side effects

    review by chris calo

    Bought this , after recommendation, for the relief of arthrytis. Still too early to state any change in medical condition. Certainly no bad side effects.

  82. Good product all around.

    review by suzanne w.

    Every thing good --packaging, delivery, price; one little quibble, the tablets of turmeric seem a bit more fragile that other tablets from the same company. This perhaps is due to the nature of the material...it just means a bit is wasted in broken and powered fragments. (It is not a lot, only about half a teaspoon in a whole bag of tablets).

  83. Five Stars

    review by steve

    great product

  84. Rapid despatch

    review by ChrisL

    Product arrived a couple of days after ordering. Very efficient. Thanks!

  85. Five Stars

    review by Joseph merrill

    Good but should have black pepper added to help absorbing the curcurcium


    review by archie

    very good price,very good delivery. have not seen better since starting CURCUMIN some time ago. thnk you

  87. best to tip the tablets into a small container

    review by paul s

    packaging awkward. best to tip the tablets into a small container.

  88. Not good value for money

    review by David Buglass

    I can't fault the product, but my research. It is easy to get the figures wrong, as most curcumin vendors have such different ways of describing their product. This is no exception. In the end in terms of value for money there are much better products out there, e.g. Double Strength Curcumin - 1000mg x 180 tablets from pureclinica.com.

  89. arrived quickly and as described thank you, i cannot ...

    review by Paul

    arrived quickly and as described
    thank you, i cannot report more as i don't know if they are going to do what i expect.

  90. ... 30 years by rubbing this on it - totally recommend!!

    review by Mrs. Patricia Murphy

    Actually removed a lump on my lip that was there for 30 years by rubbing this on it - totally recommend!!

  91. they are a good tablet to have at home where you can wash ...

    review by Richard

    These are high potency tablets, and are very small so aren't hard to swallow. However, they are uncoated which results in your fingers being covered in turmeric each time you reach in to get one.

    So, they are a good tablet to have at home where you can wash your hands, but you may wanted a coated version if taking theme elsewhere.

    I can;t say that I've noticed any particular benefits from taking turmeric, but I haven't seen any side effects either, so I'll carry on using them!

  92. Great value but powdery

    review by Dotty D

    Not as good to use as my usual capsules. The tablets can be a little powdery which comes off on your fingers.
    Great value buy for the strength of the turmeric though and very quick delivery.

  93. Five Stars

    review by pammie

    Arrived promptly and as described supposed to be good but just started the course

  94. Five Stars

    review by Lee

    good price, quality item

  95. Five Stars

    review by L. B. Latham

    Very good thank you from Les

  96. Dynamic Pilules

    review by Casuist

    Arrived swiftly and very good value for the quantity. The concentrated pilules slip down unnoticed and obviate my having to deal with doses of loose powder in drinks. Extremely pleased.

  97. Perfect Seller

    review by Ben Sowerby

    Great service & I've noticed a difference. Will definitely be coming back!

  98. Extra strength turmeric

    review by Agustos

    I have started taking Turmeric quite recently to help with painful joints and blood sugar control. Seems to be working for the joints but not sure about the blood sugar yet. Good product though with high level of curcumin.


    review by Paul G

    very small tablets, like other Oxford vitality products I have. Previous Turmeric tablets I ordered elsewhere were huge, these are
    an extract of Turmeric, so much smaller. Tend to make your fingers yellow if you are not careful as they are uncoated.
    I tipped them out into a plastic pill-pot, which seemed to get rid of the turmeric dust. Seem to work as well as the others
    and the price is good, so OK for me.

  100. Five Stars

    review by Alan


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